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15th May 2015


Today at Carlisle Crown Court we represented two clients whom the Prosecution had claimed had a benefit of £2.3 million pounds each in both cases we managed to reduce the Benefit from Crime Figure to £103,000. This just goes to show crucial it is to attack the benefit Figure as well as the Available Amount. These sums hang over a client indefinitely allowing the Prosecution to re-visit their case when new assetts are accrued, particularly now that the Serious Crime Act is in force which encourages the prosecution to re-visit.



Read the brief details of this other case and see why all proceeds of Crime cases should be prepared fully well in advance.


R v Druce – Solicitor David Corker comments on this recent case. Link

Our services to Solicitors and Members of the Public

Proceeds of Crime Consultants provide solicitors with a complete defence to Proceeds of Crime Applications. We consult with clients both in custody and in the community, take instructions, draft Section 18 and 17 Response documents with supporting evidence and serve them on the relevant parties.

Where we feel we add particular value to any enquiry is in the field of forensic examination of bank accounts and legitimate sources of funds to assist clients to account for their assetts and reduce Benefit Figures.

Forensic Accountants are regularly instructed in these cases and command very high fees and yet they rarely provide admissable evidence in court whereas we regularly provide the client with spreadsheet evidence to show the movement of legitimate funds and combat the Prosecution's assumptions.

We also manage to provide this enhanced service while working within Legal Aid rates.

Members of the public

We provide all the same services and facilities to those who do not have the assistance of a solicitor. 

We undertake to adhere to the Crown Court timetable dates on the client's behalf.


We provide our services to both solicitors and members of the public and we work within Legal Services Commision rates.

What we do

We can conduct the complete defence of a Proceeds of Crime Application from the date of sentence until the final hearing before the Crown Court.

We aim to reduce the often inflated Benefit Figures provided in these cases by means of diligent investigation of a client's legitimate sources of funds.

Whenever legally possible we challange the Crowns assumptions that funds are the Proceeds of Crime by supplying evidence in the form of spreadsheets,statements, photographs and Stated Cases.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on 01228 810228 or use our contact form or via our Facebook link.

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