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15th May 2015


Today at Carlisle Crown Court we represented two clients whom the Prosecution had claimed had a benefit of £2.3 million pounds each in both cases we managed to reduce the Benefit from Crime Figure to £103,000. This just goes to show crucial it is to attack the benefit Figure as well as the Available Amount. These sums hang over a client indefinitely allowing the Prosecution to re-visit their case when new assetts are accrued, particularly now that the Serious Crime Act is in force which encourages the prosecution to re-visit.



Read the brief details of this other case and see why all proceeds of Crime cases should be prepared fully well in advance.


R v Druce – Solicitor David Corker comments on this recent case. Link

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Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. Proceeds of Crime Consultants will help you negotiate this legislation and come out of the case in the best possible financial position. The Proceeds of Crime Act was designed to be severe on those said to have benefitted from crime and it has many aspects which clients find unfair and unreasonable. It is our intention to fully explain those aspects to clients and assist them to gather the evidence they need to satisfy the Court of their genuine benefit and the correct level of confiscation applicable in their case.

We believe that the Crown's Benefit Figures should never be agreed without long and hard consideration. Diligent enquiries should always be made with the relevant banks, Department of Works and Pensions, Insurance companies and other legitimate sources of funds to reduce a client's Benefit Figure when ever possible.

Based in Carlisle we cover Cumbria and the North of England but we are willing to undertake or advise upon cases arising elsewhere if the circumstances are viable.

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David Whyte and Kevin O'Connor form the team of Financial Investigators known as Proceeds of Crime Consultants. Together with diligent and knowledgeable support staff they aim to assist members of the public and Criminal Defence Solicitors to defend Proceeds of Crime Applications made by the The Crown Prosecution Service. 

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