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15th May 2015


Today at Carlisle Crown Court we represented two clients whom the Prosecution had claimed had a benefit of £2.3 million pounds each in both cases we managed to reduce the Benefit from Crime Figure to £103,000. This just goes to show crucial it is to attack the benefit Figure as well as the Available Amount. These sums hang over a client indefinitely allowing the Prosecution to re-visit their case when new assetts are accrued, particularly now that the Serious Crime Act is in force which encourages the prosecution to re-visit.



Read the brief details of this other case and see why all proceeds of Crime cases should be prepared fully well in advance.


R v Druce – Solicitor David Corker comments on this recent case. Link

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Are you facing a Proceeds of Crime enquiry? If so you are involved with legislation which is very much loaded against you. The Prosecution often claim that you have an enormous benefit from crime and they can ask the Court to assume that all cash deposits in your bank accounts over the last six years are directly from criminal conduct. They can also ask the court to confiscate any of your assets no matter how legally obtained to the value of your benefit. This often leads to a strong sense of injustice for the client and if not investigated fully by your legal advisors can result in the loss of assets which could have been retained.

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